How to do announcement loops and selecting specific ones

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How to do announcement loops and selecting specific ones

Postby mark1001 » Wed Nov 04, 2009 7:04 am

Just been taking a look at EW2009 trial version.

It's not clear how to do these two things:
[*] Have an announcement loop that automatically progresses from one image to another
[*] Be able to pause on one specific slide from that loop

There seems to be no way to get the schedule to loop through 10 images, say. The only way to get a loop of announcement images is to put them into a Powerpoint slide, complete with timed transitions between slides and telling it to loop back to the start. Am I right? I have achieved this. I can also double click any of those slides to jump to one specific slide. But then it takes note of the timed transition and then moves the slide onwards.

So how do people deal with setting up a loop of slides that is free running at the beginning of the service, and then, during the news section of the service where we highlight one or two of those announcements, being able to select one specific slide for display without it then moving off that slide to the next one after the set time?

I note that pressing the "Black" or "Logo" button during a powerpoint with timed transitions causes the transitions to pause and it picks up where it left off. But that pauses on a black screen. Is there any way to pause it without it going to black - with it leaving the slide that was showing? One extra "Pause" button up there next to the other two would get me placing an order for this product today!

I am on the verge of junking MediaShout for EW2009 but this capability is rather basic and it seems to be missing.

So, really, how do other people get round this? Do you always need an operator to keep changing slides during the announcement loop section? Or do you double up on powerpoint slides - one without timed transisiotns and one with? And how do you ensure you don't introduce errors and confusion into either of these methods?

Be really interested to hear your thoughts and maybe I've missed something obvious,
Thanks a lot, Mark
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Re: How to do announcement loops and selecting specific ones

Postby SamG » Wed Nov 04, 2009 4:31 pm

There is no way (short of PPT) to have EW loop 2 slides (much less 10).

As far as your problem... do you know in advance which slides will be "pulled out" during news? If so, what I would do is make a graphic of that slide (as a .jpg) and add it to the graphics in EW. Then it becomes a schedule item. Or, as you pointed out, you can have a 2nd PPT file (one with no transitions) that you can go to any slide at random.

I know it's not the best, but it would (should) work.
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Re: How to do announcement loops and selecting specific ones

Postby Osgood » Wed Nov 04, 2009 7:54 pm

Easy Worship is excellent, but it won't do everything. It's primary task is to display items, not necessarily to build everything we need to display.
I'm quite sure that most projectionists use video editing software, image editing software, slideshow software and PowerPoint on a regular basis to build projection items.

PowerPoint does have it's place, especially in achieving what you want to do. I wouldn't consider the lack of this capability as being an issue with EW.

I would make two PPT's. One that loops and another that doesn't advance or loop so that you can select which slides you want to show individually.
This is standard practice for me and PPT is used almost every week to do similar things. It takes very little time to create and add to the schedule in the appropriate places.
Give it a try!
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Re: How to do announcement loops and selecting specific ones

Postby no1herd » Sun Nov 08, 2009 6:01 pm

OsGood's suggestion is what we do. I have used EW for 6 years now and have loved it. It is easy to train new users on the team and executes well. Good Luck!!
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Re: How to do announcement loops and selecting specific ones

Postby Rodger » Thu Nov 12, 2009 10:02 am

You might even take your slide show and do a save as other file type. Then save the slides you want to use as jpg images. Then add them to the schedule. That way you aren't jumping in an out of PowerPoint so much and you get a cleaner transition to and from the image.
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