Installing EasyWorship Sample Media ( $500 in FREE Media )

  1. Open the EasyWorship program.

  2. Click the Online tab.

  3. On the Media Store tab click My Account at the top right.

  4. At the Account Login screen enter your email address and password, then click the Login button.

  5. The My Downloads page will appear.

  6. Click the Free Media tab.

  7. Click the WMV button below each video and JPG or BMP button below to each image.

  8. The download progress will appear in the Store Downloads area to the left.

  9. After each media file has downloaded, you can find it under the Media tab.


  • When logging in, use the email address and password you used when you purchased the software. If you purchased over the phone or through one of our dealers, click First Time Here and click proceed. The email address you use when creating a media store account must also be listed as a contact on the account that purchased EasyWorship in order to access the sample media. You may email if you need help with your account.

  • Media files are downloaded to the EasyWorship profile you are currently using. The default download location is:
    - C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersShared DocumentsSoftouchEasyWorshipDefaultResources
    Vista - 7
    - C:UsersPublicPublic DocumentsSoftouchEasyWorshipDefaultResources