MPEG1 video Problems

Mpg or Mpeg1 video files will not play, or do not play properly in EasyWorship.


Your computer may have the Ligos Codec installed.  Many video editing softwares install this codec.


  1. 1. Download dsfmgr.exe from
  2. 2. Open dsfmgr.exe. (Windows 7, Vista right click dsfmgr.exe and click run as administrator)
  3. 3. Double Click the Ligos MPEG Video decoder. (If the Ligos MPEG Video decoder does not appear, it is not installed on your computer.) See: Problematic Codecs
  4. 4. Click the Filter Settings button.
  5. 5. Check the box next to Use Ligos Codec for MPEG 2 only.
  6. 6. Check the box to connect to Ligos Splitter only.
  7. 7. Click OK  and close Direct Show Filter Manager.