Why EasyWorship 6?
Whether you're looking for an easier way to quickly add songs to your service schedule or you're ready to amp up your broadcast with Alpha Channel, EasyWorship 6 has all you need and more. Known for its easy to understand layout, EasyWorship puts the user first and takes the stress out of training volunteers. No matter where you begin, EasyWorship is the software that will grow with you and the needs of your church for years to come.

EasyWorship comes loaded with over 200 free song lyrics and the ability to sync with CCLI's SongSelect Lyric Service. No worship set will be too hard. And with $600 worth of free media and easy access to the EasyWorship Media Store, you'll have the power to quickly add that perfect background for Sunday's service.

Ready to broadcast your church service? EasyWorship 6 supports Alpha Channel, NewTek Tricaster AirSend and Blackmagic, along with other popular capture devices. It’s easier than ever to mix text over video and integrate EasyWorship into your broadcast production workflow.
Design Your Way
With EasyWorship’s Presentation Designer, you can let your creativity soar! Go beyond spell check and discover advanced features like custom transparency, reflections, text outline, borders and bullets. And don’t forget to explore our powerful Theme Designer where you can design themes for announcements, songs and scriptures. With the Theme Designer, you’ll be able to ensure a more consistent look and feel every week.
Media At Your Fingertips

Want access to the best in church media? You’ll get it with EasyWorship’s integrated media store! After downloading the software, simply click the Web button and you’ll uncover a world of stunningly beautiful, uncommonly creative media for your church services. 

While there, make sure to use our advanced search technology to locate the worship backgrounds, sermon intros and countdowns you need to drive your message home.

Your Alerts - Your Way
Does the nursery have a child who won’t stop crying? Use Nursery Alerts to grab the parent’s attention without disturbing the service. Or use Message Alerts to let the prayer team know when it’s time to pray for people. Alerts are a great way to communicate to your congregation while keeping the service running smoothly.  When you need to communicate to the people on stage, alerts can also be transmitted to the Stage Display as well.
Simplify Your Search

Wish you could spend less time searching your entire media library each week? Now you can! Collections allow you to organize your media by color, holiday or style giving you easy access to what you need when you need it.

Is the speaker preaching faster than you can find a scripture? Using EasyWorship’s advanced scripture search, you can now search by passage, keyword or phrase. Double-click on the scripture you want to Go Live instantly, or drag and drop the verse you want into the service schedule.

Take your user experience to a new level by customizing the layout of EasyWorship 6. Expand and collapse the Resource Area and schedule items as needed. You can even zoom in and out for customizable preview thumbnails. And with EasyWorship’s new Live Output View, you'll be able to see what the audience sees.
It's easier than ever to collaborate and manage content with other local users across your organization's network. Share song lyrics, media, themes and presentations by setting up one or more shared databases, and easily manage it all in the Profiles Manager.
Whether you know this feature as the Stage Display, Confidence Monitor or Foldback Screen, you’ll keep whomever is on the stage confident with a screen showing them how much time is left in the service, the next slide’s text and alerts.

A Moment's Notice
Black, Logo & Clear - three buttons you won't be able to live without! Use the Black button when you don’t know what is coming next, the Logo button to help fill in the gap between worship and the message, and the Clear button to quickly remove the lyrics when that extra chorus gets thrown in at the last minute.
Video Clip Editor
Need to show just one part of a DVD or video file in your sermon or announcements? With EasyWorship, you can! Just use the Video Clip Editor to select the exact clip you want and drag and drop into your service schedule. It’s that easy.
EasyWorship supports the most popular video formats, including MP4, M4V, MOV and WMV for fast, smoother and easier setup! No need to use conversion or third party codecs.
Free Support
We're here to support you! We believe in you and your church and show that by providing you a support team that cares. Email or call us and we'll put you in contact with one of our qualified support team members for no extra charge. That’s right! Real humans with real answers. Crazy, huh?
All Features - One Price
Would you believe it if we told you there are no hidden fees? Well, you can! With EasyWorship, you'll never pay more for extra features. When you buy the software, you get everything EasyWorship can do for nothing more than the price on our site.
Site License
Each EasyWorship purchase comes with a site license. That means you can project with EasyWorship anywhere on your church campus. No extra charge. Youth group? Check. Bible class? Check. Wherever you use EasyWorship, our site license has you covered.
Here's what some users have to say:
"It’s the best version of EasyWorship and one of the best worship programs we’ve seen."
- ChurchTechToday
"...EasyWorship 6, offers more pro tools that will help take your worship presentation to the next level."
- MediaFusion
"We tried using another software and there is just nothing like EasyWorship. It's powerful, simple, and productive. Glad to be back!"
- Rev. Samuel T. Lyon, Media & Communications
Pastor, Wurtland Church of God