Enjoy these benefits and more with EasyWorship 6.

Site License.

Each EasyWorship purchase comes with a site license. That means you can project with EasyWorship anywhere on your church campus. No extra charge.

All Features - One Price.

With EasyWorship, you'll never pay more for extra features. When you buy the software, you get everything EasyWorship can do for the price on our site.

Free Support.

We believe in you and your church. Email or call us and we'll put you in contact with one of our qualified support team members for no extra charge.

Learn the Basics.

Download the demo and then watch this video to learn the basics of EasyWorship! You'll learn where your songs, scriptures, media, presentations, and themes are stored as well as how to customize the user layout to work for you. It's all here to help you get started with EasyWorship.

Start Building Today!

Learn helpful tips to build a schedule faster than ever. Find out how you can use drag and drop to add songs and media. And don't miss out on the newest updates to scripture keyword search! Welcome to your new work week.

Design with Ease

No need to create your presentations outside of EasyWorship. Our software has all you need to create presentations for your sermon, announcement and worship slides, including text editing, spellcheck, and adding shadows, transparency and more!

Know Your Alerts

Use alerts to communicate without distraction. In this video you'll learn how to create and edit message alerts. You'll also learn how nursery alerts can be a great way to retrieve a parent with minimal disruption to the service. It's all there to help you make the service as smooth as possible.