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Churches come in all shapes and sizes. Now, our pricing options do, too!
/ mo
/ mo
Yearly    Monthly
  • Always up to date with latest features
  • Unlimited free phone support
  • Campus license
  • Includes over 100 pieces of media
  • Instructor-led basic training session
(Windows only)
One Time Purchase
One Time Purchase
One Time Purchase
  • Purchase new features at full price
  • 90 days free phone support ††
  • {{projectionLicense}}
  • Limited sample media
  • Self guided online help
(Windows only)
Buy Now
  • Will need to purchase each version of EasyWorship at full price in order to receive new features.
  • †† Comes with 90 days of free phone support. After the first 90 days, phone support will cost $35 per incident.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I choose subscription over one time purchase?

With subscription, future releases of EasyWorship software will be included. So when EasyWorship releases a new version of software, your budget is already approved. Other advantages are the unlimited free support, basic training, and some great free media. If your projection computer does not have an internet connect, we recommend the yearly subscription over monthly.

Can I try EasyWorship 7 before purchasing?

Yes, you can! Simply go to our EasyWorship Demo Page and download a watermarked version of the software today!

How will upgrades work moving forward?

After EasyWorship 7, upgrades will only be available through subscription. If you purchase EasyWorship 7 via the one-time purchase, you will have to purchase future versions of EasyWorship software at full price.

How does EasyWorship define a member?

The EasyWorship Subscription levels of membership are determined by a church's weekly average attendance in the main sanctuary. For example, if a church has two Sunday morning services with 200 attendees, the total number of 'members' would be 400.

What are your license options for one time purchase?

EasyWorship has two licensing options: 1) The single projector license which covers the use of EasyWorship on a single projection computer. 2) The campus license which covers the use of EasyWorship on unlimited projection computers located on the same campus.

What is the cancellation policy for subscriptions?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Cancelling your subscription will stop any auto-renewal payments and you will continue to have access to EasyWorship until the next scheduled billing date. View our refund policy.